Before the election the Tories announced that there would be £12Bn in cuts to the welfare budget in the new parliament, but they wouldn’t say where, but David Cameron also said that he wants everything to be fair to all, so that means if he cuts the welfare that the poor, sick, disabled and their carers get, Continue Reading

I cannot understand why English clubs dislike the Europa League so much – it might not be as lucrative as the CL (they get enough from the English TV money anyway) but it is a trophy and one of only 4 a season that the club can go for, and realistically likely one of three to go for as the League Championship isn’t an option, and if a club isn’t interested in winning a trophy what is the point of them playing if all they want is league position for the money? Continue Reading

…and their obsession with wanting to integrate and sync everything across devices whether you want to or not? I’ve just got hold of new Android and Win 7.5 mobiles to have a play with and what a pigs breakfast the whole thing is now.

All I want in a phone is: Continue Reading

In a sad day for Britain (it can longer be described as Great), yesterday  the Welfare Reform Bill has become law – while containing one or two necessary reforms, it also contains some ill thought out nasty piece’s of legislation Continue Reading

I see the Welfare Reform Bill (a very good article about its implications can be read HERE) has limped through parliament even though the Lords rejected it by the using of an ancient rarely used law – who’d have thought those born into privilege and without real-world experience would have more compassion than the so called ‘commoners’ in the House of Commons?  But then a lot of MP’s Continue Reading

No not the players or management, I’m referring to the fans without which football would be nothing and certainly not the money making machine it is today.  Without the fans the TV companies wouldn’t be interested in paying billions to televise it, advertisers and Continue Reading

Having been a long-time supporter (since the early 80’s) and been through these events before and come out the otherside, I sadly now fear the worst after reading the statement issued by the clubs administrators today and I fear it could be the end of the club in its current form and league status (the full statement can be read at Portsmouth FC), as the club is running out of money Continue Reading

At a time when there is more money in the game than ever before, why is it that more and more clubs seem to be struggling financially and risk going to the wall, while only a select few prosper? Continue Reading

If recent examples are anything to go by I’d say it was a resounding no. Government official figures show 400,00 vacancies nationwide and currently 2.5m unemployed – so basic maths shows Continue Reading

This is Tyr, who is a normal morph Royal Python, whom I re-homed on 3rd November 2010. As a youngster he was a problem feeder and his previous owner had to force feed him to get him going, and when I got him he only weighed 280g, but in the time I’ve had him he’s eaten like a pig and been taking steadily bigger mice and now (Feb 2012) weighs Continue Reading